Manage Your Categories and Tags Like a Boss

Do you ever wonder what you’re suppose to be doing with those website categories and tags? How many do you really need? Does it benefit your SEO to have more or less? How many tags is too many?

Don’t think of tags and categories as a headache, they’re a great way to organize your blog posts and give your reader the best reading experience ever.

What is your blog about, what will be your main topics that you will write about frequently? No one wants to read a blog where they can’t find anything. Make it easy for them to find your awesome content.
Manage your categories and tags to maximize your readers experience and keep them coming back for more, don't get them lost in your archives
I don’t like to see more than 10 categories but if you’re a lifestyle blogger, you’d obviously write about a broader number of topics compared to a homeschool blogger.

Whatever, you decide on in terms of your topic, you want to ensure that it’s a topic that you’d write about again. If not, then there’s no need to create a new category for a lone one or two posts.

Posts can be placed in more than one category, however, if you find yourself doing this often, you may want to rethink the structure of your categories. ie if you write about business and marketing, you could easily have posts that overlap, perhaps you need to rethink those categories since they are too broad.

How do you use tags?

Tags are for your readers, they don’t hold a lot of SEO value, but they help readers find related posts by clicking on your tags. Use tags for your sub topics, if I have homeschool as my category, I’ll use tags for homeschool curriculum, reviews or preschool. That way if readers want to find other posts about preschool, they can find them via your tags.

If you know you’ll use the tag again, then go ahead an create it, if you’ll only have one or two posts, don’t bother.

How many tags is too many?

I wouldn’t go crazy and tag your post with 10 tags like love, boy, kids, happy…. and so on, who’s going to look up your posts about happy? Add tags with purpose. To direct your readers to related content.

I hope I’ve enlightened you about your tags and categories and you can start organizing your blog for a better reader experience.

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