Why You Suck at Blogging and What To Do About it

You spend a lot of time blogging, researching and working on all of the social media and you’re still getting nowhere. You’re struggling to grow your blog and you’ve bought courses after courses on the promise that you’d be making $10K per month. Everyone reads those blog posts, how I made $40K after my first month of blogging.Why you suck at blogging - You spend a lot of time blogging, researching and working on all of the social media and you're still getting nowhere. You're struggling to grow your blog and you've bought courses after courses on the promise that you'd be making $10K per month. And you're still headed nowhere.

You don’t blog consistently

You continue to research and you spend time catching up on social media but you’ve only managed to write 1 blog post in one month. You can’t expect to gain traction when you’re readers only have a handful of posts to find you. And then when they do land on your posts, you have nowhere to send them to afterward and they click off of your site never to return.

Blogging isn’t an overnight success because it takes months to gain traction and the more content you have on your site the more opportunities you give your readers to find you.

You don’t have a plan

You sit down at the computer with only a limited time to get work done. You have a new blog post to work on but first, you want to check in on Facebook, oh there’s a new notification for a comment of yours, wait, funny cat video, let’s do that Pinterest chore thread, see a recipe you have to try and save that. Wait, they make $5K a month blogging by doing this one thing? I need to read this. Ugh, why can’t my traffic be this high, I’m not making anything.

What? My two hours is up and I didn’t get that post I wanted to finish. I guess I’ll get to it tomorrow, wait, better hop on Facebook and vent about all of the things you didn’t get done.

Nope don’t do it. Sit down with a clear plan to get what you need to get done now. Not later. Don’t do anything else until your task is complete. Then allow yourself a time limit to check social media then get back to work.

You have far too much work to do to make your blog a success than to waste time on tasks that don’t help you.

You spend too much time on social media

It’s so easy to hop on Facebook and get pulled into all of the conversations if your favorite blogging groups. You have to add your two cents about this and wait, what is that, now to go off and research what that person was talking about.

You can’t be everywhere and you’re going to drive yourself crazy wasting more time and things that don’t bring your traffic hence don’t give you income.

Focus on one and set a timer to get your tasks done in that platform then log out and don’t touch it again until the rest of your to do list is done. Boom, productivity through the roof.

You haven’t started an email list

You’ve heard it everywhere, start a list, get new subscribers, get those emails but your head spings when you start thinking about yet another thing to work on for the blog when you already have so much to do. Add it to the very bottom of that super long to do list.

Don’t do it, add to the top of your list because if you can capture email subscribers from the very beginning, you’ll have a way to reach out to them where they’ll actually be able to read your posts and you’ll be able to reach out again week after week to grow that traffic.

You haven’t invested in your blog

You haven’t made any money but you think you can do it all for free without spending a dime other than hosting and your domain. To be able to grow, you will find that investing in a Pinterest scheduler will grow your traffic and save your time. Tailwind saves me so much time each week and I’m getting consistent Pinterest traffic. Had I relied on live pinning only, there would be days where nothing was going out.

You’re impatient

You spend so much time reading everyone else’s income reports and wishing you were growing, taking course after course and not realizing that you have to take time to blog and connect with your own audience and that’s why your blog is not growing.

You think you have to be everywhere all of the time, on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and you haven’t dived into your analytics to really see what traffic source your blog is actually getting. What is worthwhile and where you should be spending your time.

Why spend your energy on Twitter when your audience is not on there?

Focus your efforts on where it’s working for yourself.

Others may have been doing this much longer than you have and comparing yourself to them, won’t help. Those people who make thousands of dollars after a month of blogging are not the norm.

It takes time, and if you have the patience, and work ethic to keep going even when you think no one is reading your site, learning everything at the same time, then you got this.

You can only get better from here.

Don't put your blog in the hands of others, why you need an email list to grow your blog, you don't own social media but your email list is your own.

Why You Need an Email List to Grow Your Blog


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