Linky Parties: Are They Worth Your Time?

Linky parties can be hosted by more than one co-host,  you link up your posts to one blog but they may be seen on 3 or 4 blogs depending on how many blogs are co-hosting the linky party. It’s usually on a set day of the week and it really works best if you can get linked up at the beginning of the linky.

Going to different blogs each day to link up to 3 of your posts can be very time consuming. Each day of the week, there are new linky parties to join, but spending all of this time linking, is it worth it?


Networking by linking up to linky parties can be very time consuming, are they worth your time? Can they help grow your blog?What do you get out of linky parties?

Exposure. You get exposed to new audiences on these blogs. The linky party hosts will feature several of their favorite posts from the linky list. If you can get featured, that linky party will have been worth it since the blogger often promotes the link up and creates a collage to easily pin to Pinterest which drives traffic to your site.
How to get featured?

You should find out what times the posts go live and get in early so that your post is linked at the very top. In large linkies, you post gets lost if you’re not at the top. If you can’t find to link up daily, hire a virtual assistant to help you. There are ladies who do this for $15 a week to link up 3 of your posts each week. If you think it’s worth it to get your blog out there, do it. If you want to focus on other aspects of your blog then let someone else handle linking up for you.

If you can get featured, that’s a great link back to your site.

Your posts get shared

The hosts and co-hosts often will share the content that is linked up at their party. If they have a huge following, this could give you a little boost in your numbers.

Check your analytics

Determine which linky parties that are driving traffic to your blog by determining which posts blogs are being referred to in your analytics. This can be seen in Google analytics under acquisition, all traffic and referrals. You can click on the domain to get to the actual posts that are driving traffic to your site. You can then determine which blogs you have a chance of being featured in and continue to link up on their blogs.

If you don’t see a links from a party you link up at, then consider the social media numbers of the hosts and determine if it’s worth continuing to link up at their party.

Do it yourself

Try it out and link up daily to several parties for 2 weeks and see how long it takes you and see if your traffic is up. If not, then you know that you can outsource it or find other avenues that will give you a better ROI.

Have you found a tribe yet? Or perhaps you need help growing your email list? See the other tips to grow your blog.



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