Why You Need a Tribe: Start Networking

If you’re interested in growing your blog, you can’t do it alone. You need to find others in your niche who are doing the same thing as you are and create a tribe. Aren’t those people your competitors? Nope, surely they are doing the same thing that you are but by helping each other, you’re raising your own credibility. You need to content to share on social media and it gets really old if you’re only sharing your own content all of the time.

No one will want to follow you if all you do is talk about yourself. Now if you share awesome content, finding relevant posts for your audience, who may be from your tribe members, then you’re seen as a resource.

What is a tribe?

A tribe is a network of bloggers that come together to promote each other’s work. They do this by sharing each other’s posts on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and wherever else they decide. They ban together to come up with series that they can work on together and link to each other’s posts. They use tribe members’ contents for their round ups to help drive traffic to each other. They brainstorm and chat about blogging challenges their facing and share their knowledge as well. If you can find or build a great tribe, it will become so valuable to your growth.

Tribes work best with about 4-7 bloggers, if it’s too big, you’ll find it difficult to share everyone else’s content and if it’s too small, you won’t gain as much momentum. It’s best to work with bloggers who are on the same path as you are, the same pageviews, so that you can grow together. Bigger bloggers may not want to partner with smaller bloggers so it’s nice to get people who are in the same place as you.

If you're interested in growing your blog, you can't do it alone. You need to find others in your niche and create a tribe
Facebook groups

Join some blogging or business Facebook groups to network with like minded bloggers who are in the same niche. If you’re looking to build a tribe, ask anyone else if they’d like to join you. I like to lurk in the group to see if the vibe fits you. You never know who you’ll connect with and it’s nice to meet others who want the same thing as you do so that you’ll all work just as hard in the tribe.

Same niche

Find bloggers that are in the same niche as you because you’ll have to share their content on your social media outlets. If you’re a kid activities blogger, you probably will not want to share business posts.


Come up with your own series, themes or giveaways that you can work on together to grow your blog. It’s a great way to refer traffic to each other’s blogs.


Share wherever you are strongest. If you have a huge Pinterest following and your tribemate has a huge Facebook page, do your best to use your strengths to share each other’s content so that everyone is gaining from the promos.

I’m a huge fan of saving time and working smarter not harder, create Twitter list of your tribemates so you can easily tweet each other’s posts, create an interest list on Facebook to find a share content from your Facebook pages. Create a Pinterest group board and pin each other’s posts as well as add your own to make pinning easier on each other.

Find more ideas on how to grow your blog in my series – best ways to grow your blog.



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