Increase Your Pageviews: Make Your Posts Sticky

Want to increase your pageviews and make your readers stick around? What are readers suppose to do once they get to the end of your posts, do you have a call to action? If you want your readers to stick around…make your posts sticky.

It’s likely that your reader has found your post via social media or your newsletter, it’s a stand alone article to them. There’s no reason for them to stick around unless you give them one. I want to make my post sticky with plenty of reasons for them to stick around.

Want to increase your pageviews and make your readers stick around? Increase your pageviews and make your posts sticky so that you leave them wanting more


How to make your posts sticky

Add related posts

Do you link to your other posts within your blog post? How can readers find more information about specific things that you’ve referenced? Make it easy for them to find related content by linking internally to your own posts.

If you have a bad habit of not doing this, add a related posts plugin to your site that will display your related posts as images at the end of your post. I’m not a fan of using a plugin, if I can get the work done myself, but if you want to increase your pageviews, you need to send your readers elsewhere on your site so they don’t click away.

I love images, so I like to use thumbnails at the end of my posts linking them to other posts that they may want to check out.

Create round ups 

Round ups do very well for traffic, you can use this to your advantage by linking to your other posts here as well. If you have a bunch of breakfast recipes for the fall, make a round up post so you can link to all your applicable posts.

Add sidebar images

Use the sidebar to send readers to your most popular posts or your top earning posts to generate even more revenue. This is wonderful real estate to guide your readers to where you want them to go.

Add value

If you provide help or encouragement, your readers will want to stick around reading more of your wonderful posts. Your content has to rock for you to get them there in the first place, however, to increase your pageviews, make your posts sticky so they have no choice but to read more of your posts.


  • Link to yourself at least two times to related content or a landing page
  • Create round ups including your own links
  • Add sidebar images of your popular posts
  • Be valuable

Be sure to see  how you can make your post irresistibly shareable.

Does your website have all of these to ensure your blog posts get shared like wildfire? How to make your post irresistibly shareable you need #1, which I'm surprised people have not tested out their own site before

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