How to Make Your Posts Irresistibly Shareable

Are you writing posts that are worth sharing? This is the first question that you should ask yourself as a blogger. If you want your blog to grow, you need to have content that will make readers want to share it. I’m not going to share a journal entry of what your child ate for lunch today, but write about 10 quick and easy lunches to prepare then I’ll jump right on that.

Are you helping your readers and solving a problem or providing some insight that no one else has shared? Then you have the makings for an irresistibly shareable post.

Are you writing posts that are worth sharing? Make them irresistibly shareable using these tips to draw your readers in so that they have to share it


How to make your blog post irresistibly shareable

Add a sharing plugin

Yep, I’m surprised to see that some bloggers don’t make it super easy to share their content by having a sharing plugin. If I go to a site and it doesn’t have a sharing plugin, the visible ones with large icons, not the tiny ones that hide at the bottom of the post.

I like seeing sharing icons at the top and bottom of the post, sometimes  I know that the post is going to be awesome and I don’t want to wait to scroll to the end before I share it, I need to do it now.

I really like Hupso or Simple Social Adder for sharing plugins. Make sure that they are easy to share from and mobile friendly. View your site on all devices and see if it’s easy to share your posts from them.

Bright clear images

Enter the world of Pinterest, each of your posts should have a vertical image, mine are set to 600px x 800px, but you could even go taller. Vertical images are more easily seen in the Pinterest feed. Please add text to your image to let readers know what they should be clicking on. This also helps those that are viewing Pinterest on mobile.

Don’t leave your alt tags empty either. Fill those with keyword rich descriptions so that when the post is shared on Pinterest, you’ve already pre-populated the description making it super easy to find your pin from search and enticing Pinterest users to click on your pin.

Your site is easy to read on all devices

Please use a body font that is 14px or higher, it’ makes your post easier to read on all devices and no one wants to strain their eyes while reading your content.

Track your analytics

Look at your analytics and determine what your top 3 posts from the last few months have been, use those posts to provide other details and expand upon the subject and brainstorm new and similar ideas that you can use in future blog posts.

Be awesome

You know your topic better than anyone else, be awesome and your readers will keep coming back for more. You may be making the same chocolate cookies recipes as other bloggers, but people will come to your site because they want to read your story. There isn’t anything new on the internet, but when you post a new post, it’s new to your readers.

You provide a unique perspective on your site, and you get to choose how awesome it is. Lather, rinse and repeat.

See the other tips I have to grow your blog.





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  1. Thanks you for sharing the plugin sites for social media. I’ve been looking for something like that to add better share buttons to my blog. 🙂

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